IT & Open Source Software

Information Technology for small companies, the self-employed and business start-ups.


We have experience in open source and free software usually issued under Gnu/GPL (General Public Licence) licences or equivalent Open Source Licences and the use of this software for company or self-employed start up businesses.
We can introduce you to and guide you in the selection and use of software to extensively reduce your Information Technology ("IT") costs while maintaining security of your data on MS Windows or Gnu/Linux systems.


Expensive computers and high annual software fees are not necessary for small businesses to comply
fully with United Kingdom H.M. Revenue & Customs ("HMRC") for corporation tax, payroll and
VAT (Value Added Tax) purposes or Companies House reporting requirements for small companies.
Guidance can be provided in the use of HMRC software for small companies and the self employed.

We can provide advice on the utilisation of second user or new computers for normal office and company tasks, back up methods and storage.

Open Source Software.
Open source and free (as in “gratis” and “libre”) software for personal and office use.

Knowledge is power and profit.

Emergency Rescue of Data: 

Software for rescue of data from malfunctioning MS Windows or Gnu/Linux personal computer systems
can be made available.

We send and you recover under guidance.

On-site help to recover your data from non-booting computers is available within our local area.

A description of the more common software liences.
Open Source Licences.


Other information:

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 Software examples from academic and government use.