Lochgorm Ltd.

Information required by UK regulations to be disclosed.

Lochgorm Ltd. was a small specialised United Kingdom private limited company
offering commercial expertise to engineering exporting companies.

Company registration number: 5863712 (England and Wales register)

As at 2018-October-16th, Companies House have accepted the proposal to strike off submitted by our directors.

 The company was formally dissolved on 08 January 2019.

VAT De-registration.

The company had a fiscal registration for United Kingdom VAT: GB  887  1882  64
effective from 2006 July 1st
  until close of business on 01 January 2018.

Notice of the company's request to de-register from GB VAT given to HMRC VAT for
effect from 01 January 2018 was confirmed by HMRC and received by the company
on 16th February 2018.
This record of the former VAT Registration of Lochgorm Ltd is given
purely for historical and archival use.
Companies House Standard Industrial
Classification (SIC): 70229 and 62090

Registered Office:

On and After 20th February 2018 our registered office address changed from:
Lochgorm Ltd
8 Kirkby Road,
WA3 4BS,

to our new registered office purely for closing of company purposes.:

Lochgorm Ltd
Abacus House
450 Warrington Road

Please address all comunications to the attention of The Company Secretary.